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Toyota Tundra back glass


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Heh. Just did one today. I had the kid that does tires roll it down after I patterned it so I could cut the top edge. If no one is there pattern it all on the outside except the top edge. Bring it inside and line it all up. Lift the bottom edge and while holding it reach up to the front to lower it. It's a pain but I've had to do it before.

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You hand cut right? Assuming so, place the bottom edge of the film about a inch or so lower than the top of the bottom gasket so when you do have to roll it down the film wont catch on anything. Take a magic marker and trace the bottom and side edges so you know where you need to cut. Roll the window down a few inches and cut the top edge with your olfa knife. Take your pattern from the back glass to your tranfer/peel board and cut about an 1/8-1/4 larger around where you traced with the magic marker on the sides and lower edge to make sure you dont have any light gaps. Install and move on. Hope this helps!

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Position your film, trim vertical edges take masking tape, and tape up the bottom of the film and roll down. Same process on the 4 runner.

When i woke up this morning that was the first thing that popped in my head. Then i read this post. Thanks.

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