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Cooler weather workarea prep

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For you guys that work in dealerships/poorly setup bays...


1. What type of shoes are you guys wearing in the fall/winter? I wear tennis shoes most of the time, but the bay i use at one of my dealerships pools up solution after 3-4 cars and becomes a mini pool. I hate the idea of having to wear boots in to avoid having soaked feet all day, but tennis shoes definitely arent cutting it.


2. For you guys using corny/fixed spray tanks, what kind of hose/hoses are you using? Ive always been using standard clear 3/8 vinyl hose, but Im tired of dealing with stiff hoses in the mornings/cooler weather days..Ive hit a couple weeks of slow period before '16 stuff really starts pouring in and Id like to fine tune some of my small issues..


Look forward to hearing some thoughts

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I wonder why they make these things:




I bet if you ask nice the Dealership would let you clean up after yourself.

I have squeeges, and mop buckets....Just looking for "alternative" ideas to having to clean up after every car when your trying to roll through 15-20+ a day...nobody wants to have to stop every car or every other car...

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I have a floor squeege,,and I don't play tennis,,but have air Nike or half rubber small boots

Dont leave the spray bottles in the truck overnight in the winter

He11, I don't leave slip solution in my sprayers overnight anytime of year. Can't stand the smell of stale slip.  :spit

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Over 20 cars a day.your going to get wet. I posted this but I'll tell you .i hooked up a water bed heater to my sprayer's. You might want to give that a try.

Hey Shade. I'm glad you mentioned this. I couldn't find where you said that before,,, BUT,,,,

I though about it after I saw your post, and thought you might want to watch out for ' mold ' ??

Heating your slip solution and then allowing it cool and be reheated could compromise the strength and consistency of the solution, and also could cause mold problems.

Just something to to watch for and keep in mind. :beer

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For years I've used a huge sheet of rubberized pond liner 60mm thick. You pin the corners and it acts as a non slip shallow bathtub around the vehicle containing all water and snow mess around the car . All liquid eventually gravitates to a couple of the corners. Suck it up with a cheap shop vac in seconds. All clean and safe.

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