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What % tint to get?

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I have a dilemma about tinting my f30 335i msport mineral grey metallic car.

I am going with the spectra photosync brand of tint done by Premier in Fremont, CA. I am manly getting the tint because the back of my neck burns from the sun when driving and for the comfort of my passengers. I am getting 75% in the front sides and for the back sides I am torn between 55 and 35 or has anybody done 75 all around and are happy with it? I am not looking for the tint color to add to the beauty of the vehicle. Those of you who have gotten 55 or 35 for the back windows which looked nicer with the mineral grey metallic color of the car?

I have heard nothing but great reviews about Premier and photosync so if anybody has some negative reviews I would like to hear.



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I was looking at sunset cxp and the installer came highly recommended but told me he takes out the side windows to do the job and I read on the forum that that is a bad idea. Any thoughts? He does this to heat lamp the glass so it is dried ,right away. No waiting 2 days to 2 weeks.

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Dont let anyone remove your windows.

Personally I would go for 55 all around for cosmetics and heat rejection.


But if all you're looking for is heat rejection, 75% wouldnt be too bad as long as TSER is high on it. :cool


cant comment on spectra photosync because its not popular in Canada where I am.

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Ocala why the :spam? I am truly looking for the best tint for my car.

Reason for thinking spam is because your first post already listed the type of film and the company installing it. Now unless you are almost 10 feet tall and have to recline the seat all of the way back, how is the heat coming through burning the back of your neck? I could understand if you were driving a regular cab truck, but not once have I heard someone complain about that when driving a car. Just saying!
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Ocala, I am 6,2 and when I sit properly in the BMW The sun at this time of year bakes my face or back of the neck. I did not have this problem in my Honda Pilot. During the summer months I am fine. Must be the angle of the sun in Silicon Valley at this time of year. I was driving home today at 4pm and I feel it tremendously.

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