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Xpel ultimate

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its a fairly easy film to work with. I think Suntek is a little easier in that the adhesive is much more forgiving... but Xpel is definitely the next best option. I tried the gel and really didn't like it. Baby shampoo and water is the way to go for me and a pressure tank. You shouldn't have any issues... but taking the training class is a must IMHO if you don't have very much experience installing PPF.

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Sure. Great film to train and work with. Just try to have the mixture right for install or you might end up in the battlezone... :shoot1 




What's the preference for the mixture? Is the xpel gel a must?



The gel is not a requirement, just an option that all comes down to preference.  It typically makes the learning curve a little shorter for new installers.  If not using gel, about .5 ml of dawn ultra in a quart sized spray bottle full of water should do the trick.  With either gel or soap, you'll want to have an alcohol mixture handy too.

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