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Dirt Nibs? Slivering?

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Hello everyone, I am new to the forum.  I have been tinting for a few years, not for a sole living, just a few cars a week at the very most. I have been able to problem solve the majority of my issues.  I have one reoccurring issue that cannot seem to solve.  I am getting small bubbles usually grouped together.  Most of the time the are by the edge of a side window where I lift the film to spray the solution after i roll the window up and then removing the release liner then tucking behind the seal.  I reverse roll (if that matters) and I hardly ever have that problem on the back glass.  I tinted a KIA on Monday I seen it around town the following day and noticed a 3x3 area that had the silver dots about halfway down on the edge where i started laying the film when I applied it to the the back glass. I have changed a lot of things over the years to help put an end to this problem, but I can not seem to eliminate it.  I have changed my cleaning method pulling the edges in (razor, white scrub, bluemaxx, repeat, then apply film) and whip off my squeegee after every stroke with a clean microfiber towel. I have changed my water from tap to distilled,  I changed the way I push my water out.  I am banging my head against the wall trying to figure what I need to change.  I guessing i am not getting the window completely clean, or I am pushing water through areas that are already tacked down. Any suggestions would help (I have a photo of the back glass so i could better explain my issue, but I have no idea how to load it on here).  Thank you in advance!

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Hi goesfast, Welcome to the forum  :welcome  


From the picture and your description,  that looks like trash from the C-pillars that comes off when you do your install spray,OR, trash from the outer edges of the glass under the C-pillar that is getting pulled into the piece as you are positioning it.  If you slide to far past the matrix on the edge and then pull back to get it in the correct spot, you can pull trash that is hiding out past the matrix.  


The pic really looks like the backing that comes off fabric and headliners  :twocents  


I suggest making sure your are washing out towards the C-pillar when doing your final spray.  Making sure to push all that off the window.  And try not to move it into that area when rolling it out.  


That trash is a standard problem on backglasses and when you find the right pattern where it doesn't happen,, Try to repeat that pattern always.  

It's all part of the dance.   :thumb    Hope that helps a little.  Cheers  and good luck   :beer  

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Awesome thank you guys for the guiding me in the correct direction! It is frustrating once you get all laid down and this is outcome! It's embarrassing, I'm going to rip and redo while it's fresh.  It is an 2008 KIA Optima, I've never have had to redo back glass until this point.  I've stripped many side and non-defroster windows in the previous years.  My shop is in north Missouri, so the avg temp right now is roughly 10-20 out (shop is heated), would it best to steam it? or wait till it warms up to trash bag it?

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^^^ that is a great point. that does make sense, beings it is usually on the leading edge i start with. Thank you guys a lot! I learned how tint with trial and error without seeing anyone really do it over the years outside of youtube. This forum is very informative, just wish i would of found it when i started!!

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