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1957 bel air hardtop


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Best way to do it is with the glass out of the vehicle it can be done in one piece but it is a pita, the big proplem is if you trim it to the exact size of the winow it will big about an inch to big on the inside so it is kina of a guessing game on how much smaller you trim it.

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I have done at least a dozen 55-57 chev rear glass one piece and wet shrinking while back and the last one I did had a reproduction new rear glass and it was super easy to shrink/not many fingers/pretty flat curve

Just cut the sides 1/4in short on each,,,and no defrosters mean no peanuts

Would be very easy dry shrinking with powder or soap

Having one removed from the car was not real fun also,,scary thought of breaking it and trying hold it nice for squeeging it wasn't ideal

If you waste a piece?,,learn from it

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I never needed the trim removed,,cut the top and bottom edges about even with the trim I think was good for no daylight

Clean/prep the inside of the glass before you cut the film,,then you will know how much room there is to the tootsie roll goop seal stuff

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