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  1. Have you put the IRX up against any other IR film in your lamp Dynamic?
  2. Again just because you obviously have no idea how to tint windows efficiently doesn't mean other can't...get off you arrogant ass horse and maybe try working on your craft. Turning out work quickly doesn't mean it's shit work with creases and you have to bake it with a heat gun forever to get all the contamination. The fastest way to tint a car is with efficiency , and done right. ie no screwing around with a heat gun and oh it's gotta sit for hours. Just because someone can tint two or three times as many cars as you doesn't mean they are greedy...it just means they aren't lazy.
  3. Just because some of you can't tint that many cars doesn't mean he or anyone else can't...14 in a dealership day in/ day out same cars? I don't see that as any problem. Some of you need to work on you efficiency it looks like....3-5 wouldn't even get you an application from me. Stay at the dealership for now...the grass is always greener until you find out it's been pissed on by a pack of dogs.
  4. Market windshield tinting when it's only legal in Hawaii, North Dakota, And Ohio? Do you tell the customer? Or do you just upsell them figuring know one is ever going to say anything? The whole idea seems absolutely crazy to install something illegal and not say anything, but it happens around me often.
  5. I shrunk the top half letting the bottom overhang the spoiler. Then flipped over it over so the bottom was on the top and shrunk again. Slapped it in. No big deal really.
  6. A couple more. BTW the customer was ecstatic. It came out flawless. There were all kinds of eyeballs and back pocket magnifying glasses on it.
  7. So I decided to give the SolarFX FXtreme2 Nano-Ceramic a whirl and see what I thought... So here goes for the good...Feels good, has low static on liner peel, and the clarity is good. Installs just fine not any better or worse then anything else I have ever used. I can't comment on the scratch resistance as I usually don't scratch on any of my installs...once in a blue moon I'll scratch my normal brand up with a bad tool when I wasn't paying attention. Drying & stick were on par...I didn't notice any extra grab or any less grab then what I'm used too...I do all my installs with slime and the same measured ratio. It tolerates heat really well without pinching. The color on the car looks okay mostly to the green side. No pronounced haze at low angle sun which is two thumbs up. So for the not so good...The color out of the box. I just don't like it. Kind of an dull olive green with a hint of brown mixed in....at least to me. Color is subjective a little bit as everyone kind of sees color differently..just my opinion. It shrinks super super slow. It tolerates the heat if you get real aggressive but still is just slow to shrink. Really those are about the only not so goods....so overall I think it's a solid film with a couple of drawbacks for me. The service from the crew their is top notch. Very helpful, knowledgeable, courteous, and they follow up. Definite gold star. I had an issue today with quality control on the film. Spec of who knows what made it's way into the manufacture..not a huge deal but got to redo a vette rear window because of it. That didn't set off my happy meter, but stuff happens and I have seen it with other brands too. I've hung a bunch of this stuff already and this was the first hiccup. I am sure this is more the exception then the rule so don't anyone panic over it. Posting up some pics so you get a visual of both the spec and the finished product. So overall I'm still kind of undecided. I figure I will keep trying it out for little while longer, and give it a fair shot.