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Help with moisture fingers!

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Can any one give me some advice on how to get rid of the moisture fingers that pop up inside once I've installed the film? or at least how to prevent them? i shrink the the film on the outside and all but they still seem to pop up.  Please and Thank You. I'm using a film called Scytek Galaxy

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to much soap, film on, baby shampoo, slip agent...what ever you are using.  To much and it will not tack up quick enough.  You want to be able to move the film but when you squeegee it down it stays put.

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if you would like to help eliminate fingers while leaving the seals in  use this tool, i believe its called the Red Devil, us this to pull back the seal with your left hand, mean while  with your right hand use a squeegee wrapped in paper to bump and push all the water out until it can dry, it will really help if you can pull the seals back and dry it with paper towel, the seal usually absorbs and retain the moister and some how it will manage to create moister fingers, hope this helps.





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Once you pop panels and realize how much time it saves with these fingers you will never go back. Start popping panels is the best advice I could give. You don't have to remove them. Pop them and screw them in place with one screw while you work on them having the seal out of it's track. I promise you this is worth adding to your process.

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