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Tint safe window cleaner for Tinted windows

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This is my last post for today, sorry for spamming.

I do professional auto detailing so I already know about good products. I own a LOT of products that I probably cant use (need to check ingredients) stuff like MEGS d120,  mothers revision, sprayway.  I have also spent in excess of 24 hours reading various forums and film provider suggestions for cleaners. For consumers the instructions and 'best' options are all over the place.


1) some say to use small amounts of baby soap and water - and to expect some level of film, residue


2) some say stoners invisible is completely safe, some question the 'tint-safe' claims.


3) some say the glass cleaners may be labeled tint safe because it has no ammonia, but it may contain stuff like acetone or other chemicals that break down the backing's bonds.


3) Some say plexus is awesome -- but this appears to sealants/wax's ... and im curious if it leaves a film thats hard to remove? I do notice that Plexus now lists tinted windows on their website.


So, not to beat a dead horse but - if you had to suggest one product to a customer who really wanted to do a good job taking care of their tint ... what would you suggest?

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