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Suntek CIR (ceramic) tint?

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Had my brand new (4 month old) truck done with SunTek Cir about two weeks ago by a shop with thousands of great Google reviews and few if any bad ones related to workmanship. 


It appears my windshield has a distracting mottled appearance visible only when I have my Oakley prescription sunglasses on.  It appears my side windows have this as well.  


I cannot see the mottled feature when my sunglasses are off (but can't see too well either).   And I do not see this mottle appearance at all at night with my normal prescription glasses.  


This is pretty distracting as it changes the way the scenery looks when driving through the desert, or mountains which is most of the time.


My questions is, is this normal?  Will this possibly decrease with time?  Is it possible that the shop's tint application was not good?


Thank you - 




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Polarized lenses don’t work well with film, makes things look oily and has a noticeable rainbow colored appearance like you are wearing 3-d glasses. All films will show this in my experience. See if non polarized lenses are available.

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As already said, polarized glasses is the reason you see this...will be the same on all films. When you are wearing polarized sunglasses, the surface blocks the glare by filtering out the horizontal light waves that don't fit through the chemical laminate pattern. If you look at your phone or LED TV, tilt your head right and left...you will notice the screen will become completely black when wearing polarized lenses.

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Thanks, so the only way to stop

this is to remove the film?  The windshield is the main issue.   I wanted it for heat reduction because I’m in the desert.  I’d keep the tint on the side and back windows.  Thanks again. 


I need the polarize feature on my sunglass lenses.  

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Yes, only option is to remove the film and don't tint the windshield. I would personally give it a month since you might get used to it. Also, cheap sunglasses that are polarized tend to have poor optical clarity which could make the situation worse. I only wear polarized sunglasses from Maui Jim or Costa Del Mar and I have no issue with the windshield being tinted. Even when I wore cheaper Ray-Ban sunglasses, I didn't have an issue.

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Thanks.  Yeah, I'll give it a month.  I'm hoping I get used to it.  It's not really that bad, but definitely noticeable.   My sunglasses are Oakley with Oakley prescription lenses which were pretty darn costly and the SunTek CIR tint was (I believe) if not the best, then one of the best tints available from the vendor.  


If I don't get used to it, I'll just remove the windshield tint and run my AC a bit higher.  Anyway, it seems like most of the bad heat came through the side windows and that's stopped with the tint.   Thanks.

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