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How do you guys feel about computercut software?

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How do you feel about computercut software? I’ve been using it and have had several patterns cut too short. Really annoying. What is the best? I tried contacting expel but never got a response. I just need something that works every time. Tired of waisting film and time. Thank you in advance 

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flexi rules. corel draw with cut extension really excellent also. i use both. i design then save as eps  so i can open in VE LXI and cut. with the corel cut app you can cut straight from corel draw. corel is a awesome program to design in but flexi i use old 6.5 and its a serious sign program but expensive. so i use a old $100 laptop at flea market and everything works like a dream. i have corel x5 but i prefer corel 8. 

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