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puzzled by texas tint law

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guys i just joined this great forum because i have a real puzzler on my hands and maybe you guys can help me out.  I bought precut 25% shade from ebay.  i know my first mistake.   anyway i bought it from a vendor in texas as i also live in texas.  so i installed the film all went well then i go to get my inspection and the guy says tint reads 14%  that is illegal.   so whats the puzzler  does the mustang front drivers and passengers side have a slight tint on them already.  or did i get the wrong tint sent to me.   any help is greatly appreciated.  im at a loss here

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All new car glass is around 70%.  "25% film" can be darker than 25 and still be called 25 too.... Manufacturing tolerances can be a few percent, meter can vary a few percent too....

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