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Can Am UTV….. how much to charge

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My experience with those is that it's going to take a lot longer than you're thinking right now. Especially if it's used.


I usually won't take one in unless it's dropped for a few days. Pressure washer and compressed air for the channels if the glass can't be removed. Test clean an out of view area with a blade and/or #3 steel wool. Not all glass is created equal. You may end up needing to use a white scrubbie and a chizler if the glass is soft compound.


As for rates, I would bid this for whatever my day rate (full day of work) needs to be plus materials including waste if they want it immaculate. Most of these I've bid have passed, but im not going to sacrifice a full day of income to struggle with those filthy turds when I could be knocking out 3 to 4 clean retail cars.


If they just want it slapped on there and it takes half a day, then half a day rate it is. Either way the customers are usually shocked until I explain what's involved.


"Come on man, it's just a tiny farm buggy. I'm not spending that"....is not going to cut it here....Next!

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