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Is this a heat gun damage?

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Hey yall, sorry for taking up your time.

I own a 2019 panamera 4, and I just went to a car window tinting place today. The tint job was crappy BUT I found out this when I got home... It's the rear door’s glassy/plastic part that is outside of the B pillar whem the door is closed. Is this caused by a heat gun? 

If the shop did this, what should I do? I tried to stand and watch when they were working on my car, but they said "hey you can't be in here, you need to go wait in the front room" and I didn't want to cause any trouble so I left... 

I'm genuinely so sad right now... please give me some advice, I really appreciate any help....



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11 minutes ago, TintDude said:

It's hard to tell what's going on there. I doesn't seem like eat gun damage, more like something scraped it sideways. 

Thank you for your reply! Do you think it could be a mistake that happend when they are trying to put on the tint film?

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Sorry but yes, that is heat gun damage and a razor knife cut.  Somebody doesn't know how to snap a door glass properly.  That was probably done while shrinking on the car before install, as I think those are frameless windows.  But that is heat gun damage for sure, I've done the same thing on a different vehicle before.  I know that damage first hand.  Good news is that plastic piece is relatively easy to replace.  You're just gonna have to deal with either them replacing it or you having to.  

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I'll second the heat gun damage and raise you with some overly aggressive scrub/wiping.


Jackwagons like that have been effing up the industry since it began. I'll wager anything that they absolutely saw it and delivered it with a straight face. Hood rat mentality. It's one thing to damage someone's auto, but not acceptable to try to pull that crap and believe it's ok.

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