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New Tint lifting / Halo around stickers?

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I am an end user and requesting some input.


Recently had Ceramic Window Tint, LLumar brand, put on.

Several days later, I noticed the tint was lifting around the compliance sticker and also the MFG lettering on the side glass.

The "flat" areas look fine, and I do not see any issues.


Before I go back to the shop and show the areas,

  • What would cause this?
  • How do I fix this?
  • How do I keep this from happening?




MFG Lettering.jpg

Comply Sticker.jpg

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It's the thickness of the stickers and lettering. The film has to lift up and over the edges, it will not seat down there. Every film will do that. To avoid, the sticker must be removed. Nothing can be done about the lettering on the etching.

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Thank you for the information.


I am in TX, and all of my other cars have the compliance sticker, I thought this had to be there.


Is there anything I can do so it fits / lays better?


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:yeah   Like @TintDude said, the etched marks on the glass will show different along with the dots and of course stickers will show a lot.   


Anything other than a flat surface will show a halo.  Even embedded scratches will show a white-ish look like the stickers are doing.  It's just part of it.  You can't have anything under the film. 


As far as the compliance sticker.  It can be applied to the film(after)and not the glass(first)  and will still be okay. In most cases. 

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