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Horizontal bands on a 3M windshield tint

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Hi, I wanted an opinion about a windshield tint I had put yesterday. It's a 3M 20% tint (it has the logo in it), and when you look through it, there are horizontal bands that make what you see pixelated-like (see picture). I wanted to know if this is normal or not.

I will appreciate any help given.




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I'm in the Dominican Republic. Because of heat and security concerns many people use it.

If it is the glass, I wonder what type of windshield I have; before the tint it didn' behave in this manner. This is a Honda CRV 2015 Touring.

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2 hours ago, TintDude said:

Is that your windshield? Just so you know that's not legal anywhere as far as I know.


It's not normal, but it could be the glass and the film is amplifying it. 

:yeah aftermarket windshield? Does it say fuyao? Cuz they suck!

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I'll bet a dollar that's the glass. The ripples are too large to be the film. If look from down low across to the other side just about every windshield is rippled to some extent, some more than others.

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Than you all for your replies.

No, the glass didn't have this "bands" before, it was completely normal.

The tint is a 3M(it has the logo), unless they fake it also.

If it is the glass, is there something I can do about it?

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You could try to buy a genuine OEM replacement. No guarantee it will be any better. I think the film is legit 3M and what you are seeing is the added contrast which is amplifying the glass distortion.


The only way to find out for sure what the cause is would be to strip it. 

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