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Testing film with BTU meter

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Hello all 1st post. I've always done my own window tint and/or have had friends do it. So im being untrustworthy on my film in which I paid to have done.

I paid for llumar ctx 15% (looks 20) and irx 50% for Windsheild. 

BTU in the sky/sun was around 400 and while trying to point to the same area of the sun my side windows were reading 40btu and my windshield was reading 90btu.


Same test on ASWF Retro 50 was 110-115BTU. So im having a tough time believing IRX llumar is only 20 or so less BTUs than ASWF Retro


What do y'all all think?

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Though BTU meters give you a 'general' idea of film performance compared to no film, they are limited in their measuring of the full spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation coming from the sun (visible, ultraviolet, and near infrared).


These meters are designed specifically for measuring change in gas/liquid cooling systems' performance.

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