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Tesla Model Y Windshield Rear View Mirror WARNING

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Mods move this if this aint the right spot. Hoping for more exposure. Tesla Model Y front windshield rear view mirror removal. Some models come with twist off some have a t20 bolt. Well Tesla impeccable quality control sometimes they put too much blue locktite. This bolt snapped off. The assembly is not sold separately and its one whole camera assembly that’s probably gonna require calibration. Cha ching. If it feels too tight dont take it off and decline the job or if you’re extra frisky you can  probably take a soldering iron to heat up the bolt to lessen the locktite. There’s 6 T bolts that you can take the bracket off and reverse drill the bolt out which is what I did. Found another bolt with the same threads to replace broken bolt. Since moving the camera theres going to probably be an error message like park assist unavailable. With the help of a tesla tech i was able to go into service menu and find all the cams were green and good to go. Driving for a day or so should make the message go away. Good luck Tint bros. 




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