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Global "QDP Ceramic Charcoal" or "QDP Ceramic" - Are there two ceramics?

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Tinters - LONG time lurker, first time poster.  Let me say up front, this forum has been a wealth of knowledge and has been tremendously helpful! 🤙


So, I'm not a professional tinter nor do I own a business.  I do tinting and PPF for family, friends, and co-workers as a side hustle (great for my OCD!).  My question is about Global and their ceramic tint.  I saw a Global YT vid about their QDP Ceramic Charcoal (https://globalwindowfilms.com/premium-automotive-films/) and was wondering what the difference is between that and the Global QDP Ceramic that EWF carries.  Each have different and distinct VLT percentages.  Confusing for someone who is not a well informed, professional tinter.


Asking as I am going to make the switch to Global as it is harder to get authentic Xpel tint (some friends have moved on from carrying Xpel due to the company's BS).  So now, reaching out to the community of experts the Global ceramic comparison.  Thanks all.

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They should be the same; Express is a distributor for Global. The "product" column on Express has different numbers, like 18 (Global is 20), but the VLT is 18 on both websites. All the VLTs match, so just some incorrect or outdated info, most likely on the Express website.

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