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Check out the Ranyo warranty registration on their website.

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Wholly crap. they want you to really fill out all this stuff. 

Who puts the whole Vin# down - how about the last eight. 

Why to we need plate number if we have the vin or the last eight numbers of the vin this should suffice to say the car was tinted with a rayno film.

This really sounds like an invasion of a customers privacy. And to top that off they want you to send a picture of the invoice as well.

So I will have to print an invoice and then scan it , Then find on the computer to attach.

15 minutes later the process is done. No fffffing way am I going to do all this. 

Also the customer doesnt have a warranty to take with them.  Someone at rayno need to rethink this


By By rayno

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Does Rayno require the customer to register the warranty instead of the installer? 3M requires the entire VIN and has an optional spot for the license plate which we don't fill out. It takes some getting used to since we do the last 6 for Llumar. Many extra trips to the back to get the full number. 🤣

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It appears film suppliers are tightening up on warranty claims.


If I was still installing, all they ask for would stick in my crawl for awhile and when it comes to vin # I'd take a picture of it and attach to the submission. F**k writing/typing the whole thing down.


Then again, the consumer should be the one to register while the installing firm need only supply VLT & lot/roll number to the client via their receipt.


Change is the only constant in our lives. Ugh!

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