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  1. For the rear quarters there is room to tuck at the bottom so I line up the straight vertical with the exact edge of tint, the top angle I cut as exact as I can, the bottom angle I leave long and cut on the inside. Trick for the rear brake light is unclip the headliner, 1 clip on each side beside brake light, the unclip the brake light by pulling down and you can reach inside to squeeze the black tabs together with your fingers to remove
  2. Middle pic is before I shrank it to show how little shrinking is needed.
  3. Been lurking here a long time but have never posted.... Just did the new Polestar 2. Very easy car. I don’t pull panels, the bottom trim is not tight, sides have lots of room but are a but deep. No quarter windows which is always a bonus. Back window brake light is not covered, lots of room, has little curve and is a hatchback. Weird part was waking up the car to make the power windows work. Like a Tesla no start button, you just need the key fob in the car, sit on the drivers seat and it powers up. But when you get out after a few seconds it shuts down. After some experimenting I found if you open the door, sit down and then while the door is open latch the drivers door so it thinks it is shut. Then push the brake and shift it in and out of drive and hit park. With the door left latched it keeps the car awake and I was able to tint all the windows. I also latched all the other doors shut while open.
  4. They are $220 new so $100 + shipping seems fair. Thanks!
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