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  1. can take that prediction to the bank....I could also see a large supplier....moving on..
  2. In not a car guy anymore...but is that film thick ? looks like poo poo on the defroster lines....and also looks a bit shiny ...?
  3. Give them 6 months and they will all match anyway...purple lol
  4. I have done a fair amount of it..Is is a test of my patience every time. if you are installing on butt glazed glass, make 1000% certain the caulking is completely gone, no residue left behind at all. Otherwise it will curl and finger forever. Very little slip is needed and bump the edges with a dry towel multiple times. I like using a blue max in a 8' channel with a extension in the end like I'm doing 8mil. ....that film simply sucks.
  5. It's not often that you are going to get called from a contractor out of the blue. More often than not you need to make the first contact... A box of donuts and a few large coffees usually softens the cold call. I have said this several times here over the years, and will again. Commercial work is all about get in, get out, and don't cause the GC any headaches. They really don't give a shit if you are "the best" ..they just want you to get in, get out and don't cause them any headaches. In fact they want this and..for you to be low bid. Otherwise it's the next man up. Commercial work is great, it's the lion share of what we do. But there is often more paperwork involved than tinting work. Our insurance is also incredibly comprehensive .. And expensive.. All this said, we have a company who does our web SEO and hosting. It honestly generates almost zero commercial prospects. ..we get the typical clown who calls and says " much u get to put tints on mi ride" ...
  6. We were just at the print expo in Dallas last month, looked at a Dye Sub printer... Still on the fence about it. It's not terribly expensive to get into it...but just have to create a whole new customer base.
  7. Most tint shops that have been around for a hike have found their niche. Meaning that some guys have stayed with auto because it's the client base they have built. If they have graduated to resi and then commercial, many of those guys will ditch auto all together. I think I have only seen one large commercial outfit go backwards and get into auto..and it's not going well. This is the difficulty you run into with SEO for window film, it has to be very targeted and you need to know more about the customer than the business. What is the. ideal customer looking for ? If it's a auto customer, they may just google car tinting near me. A homeowner may search something like UV making my furniture fade, a commercial customer may look for energy efficient Windows. ....there are numerous variables
  8. gotta just go take the info from the past 12 replies and piece together your answers. ..
  9. How long will it last ? That's like asking what next weeks winning lottery numbers will be. We used Hanitas exterior silver something or another and their exterior silver/ gray. Yes it can be reverse rolled. It's a PS adhesive so obviate is a little more particular than a DA film. I have no idea what your supplier will require for certifications. Mine did not require anything as I think they know we have been at this for 30 something years.
  10. I. Have no idea what 799 is but the industry standard is 795.
  11. No o don't have pics of exterior failures handy. A simple google search should net you plenty. Yes we have used Hanita on exterior projects. I really dislike any exterior applications due to the inevitable trash that will find its way behind even the best cleaned window.
  12. The SR coating is the first thing to fail. It gets hazy or starts to flake. I don't know who the Hanita distributor is in your area but I'm sure you could contact AD for that. And 795 is fine., Or even spectrum for 1/2 the cost.
  13. If I r call, Cool Gray is a PET film. And it's designed for interior. It should under most situations last a year or more outside. Lots of there a overhang, was it edge sealed, does it get wet, does it get direct sun exposure...up in the North East we get the freez thaw cycle which is torture on exterior film. .. Had it been me, I would have told the client it's a interior want it to deteriorate.. No warranty...they own it.. IMO it's not worth the liability to cater to someone who wants a p doubt to something it's not supposed too.
  14. I would expect to see noticable deterioration in less than 3 years. I'm told Hanita is still being made same as it was before AD, weather that will continue to be the case in the months or years to come has yet to be determined.
  15. To date, the ONLY may that has a purpose built exterior film is Hanita. All the others that promote "exterior" films are slapping their AG SR coating on their interior films and letting it out the door.......
  16. .....I have T shirts older than you......
  17. We usually have 500 sf or more up by 9:30 am....
  18. Sign me up..I need Friday through Sunday off. Plus every other Monday and Wednesday as well. I can start at 9:30 am but have to be done by 2pm. My company car has to have massaging seats and built in Wifi and it would be easier if you just set up a charge acct at the local gas station instead of giving me a charge card. ..I hate carrying those things around. I understand there is probably a probation period so I don't expect any more than 2,000 a month for the relocation and housing allowance. I'm ok with a 15,000 a month salary but what should I expect for profit sharing and weekly bonuses ? I assume medical and dental insurance is 100% covered as well ? ....
  19. My days usually start at 3:45, out the door at 4:15 past several weeks. Slept in till 5am today. Meeting the painter at my shop at 8:30. Almost done with the build out.
  20. Very nice,. ..we are actually building our new offices now as well. ... It's a dirty dusty mess at the moment. Hoping to be done in the next 10 days. The painter is due to start on Monday.
  21. Find the local Hunter Douglas. Distributor near you. Set up a whosale account with them and go from there. I have a friend out here that owns one of the franchise shade and blind companies. Most of their stuff comes from China but he makes a nice living. Blinds of some sort are specd in on virtually every new commercial building. If you are familiar with the bid sites and process, there is a never ending opportunity....but sharpen your pencil.
  22. We were just in SC looking at property. I was actually surprised at what they were asking for homes and raw land. Not far off of hat. It is up here in the North East. The taxes down there are significantly less but that's about it. We have about 3 years left up here and we will be relocating south. Still not sure where yet.
  23. You look good for 82......