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  1. @highplains @no ma'am Found our next raffle shirts...
  2. It's doing that by itself in batches, once a day I think. Sorry it takes up so much in the activity stream, I can't keep it from showing them.
  3. It might be that I had deleted mine earlier when I thought it wasn't working and now it won't let me ad one I guess.
  4. Yeah, the About Me area goes wonky with images in there. Cleaned out a few this morning. Just tried adding my own marker and had an issue. Not sure if it takes a while to update but it didn't show up. When I installed it, it didn't populate the markers until a day later, so I'm assuming newly added markers may also take a while to show up.
  5. It's a spammer. Seemed suspicious right away, so I poked around the web, they hit a bunch of forums with this same thing. Later they will come back and put spam into their profile, or edit into their posts if allowed.
  6. Hello everybody! We've just added a Member Map to the site that you can place your marker on. Anyone searching will be able to find your shop if you are listed. (This is free advertising for you!) If you have a location filled out in your profile already, the map may have automatically added you, so you may want to make sure the marker is in the place you would like it to be. When someone hovers over your marker, some of your information appears. You can add more information, such as your website or shop name etc in the About Me area of your main profile, and it will then show on the map etc. Let me know if you have any problems or questions. Thank you!
  7. Maybe some of you guys could post some pics. It would be nice if there was a little more activity here.
  8. Yeah I can imagine. No fun for anybody I'm sure.
  9. Hey Mike. Got any good stories for us?
  10. Thanks @Bham, how are you and the family doing?
  11. Justine wanted to take a pic 😁
  12. I just put it up for Pic of the Week. https://www.tintdude.com/pow/
  13. Things are shaping up to get pretty crazy next week. Batten down the hatches.
  14. Dang, that's part of that permissions issue I was trying to fix. My apologies guys, you should be able to see it now. I'm an idiot. 🤦‍♂️
  15. Folks. I moved the thread about the classifieds to the subscriber section. I've talked to the guy in question, and he probably wont be posting ads, but if he does it's alright. He explained his situation and I'd rather not make enemies if I don't have to. Thanks for understanding.
  16. Same old here, how about you?
  17. Boys How's the car situation @Roach?
  18. Once in a while I'll get the restless limb syndrome if I haven't been taking vitamins, makes it impossible to sleep. For a while I was doing the 3 hours a night thing and it was working pretty well. I was waking up after 3 hours anyway so decided to just start getting up when I woke up. It's great having the extra time during the day, especially if you like alone time. By the time bedtime rolls around, I'm out like a light. Haven't done it lately as I messed my back up pretty good, but I think I'll start doing it again soon.
  19. Hey that's awesome TE, I'm sure you'll do fine, congrats!
  20. Just so everyone knows, I had to rebuild the user groups system and many permissions were set wrong, so a lot of people got error and permission denied messages. I'm sorry it took a couple of days to sort out, it was pretty complicated. So, no one was banned or purposely denied access to anything, it was a rebuild that needed to be done badly and the site should be working better now for all. I'm still catching things here and there even though I thought I was done, so if anyone is having any trouble at all, please let me know and don't assume you've been blocked or anything like that. I can be reached at admin@tintdude.com and tintdude@gmail.com if anyone has any problems. Thank you!