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  1. This is mine, it was a little more than $160, but it was worth the money and labor.
  2. I believe I was having a similar problem a while ago. I was shrinking my film with a worn out silver smart card and it was scratching deep on the release liner leaving scratch imprints in the glue. This could be what you are seeing. Just my two cents
  3. Boys and girls, were back in the tint game in a new garage in a new city. Y’all meet Tiger Tintz, LLC. First truck out of the new shop today. Great to be back.
  4. Turned 19 today, man does time fly when you take a look back
  5. I’ve heard that in situations like this, the best way to remove the coating is to install the film, let it dry, remove it, and reinstall a new film. The first installation and then removal should help remove the coating.
  6. Being a carpenter comes in handy when you gotta build some badass glass boards, hoping to have all finished up and painted by Monday
  7. Where’s everybody else at?
  8. I’m back everybody and all my tint stuff is in the soon-to-be shop here in Clemson at our lake house. While I am up here, I’m looking to expand my business now including ppf. Looking to just start out with a basic film and was considering 3m scichguard. Have a few quick questions though? Do you guys buff areas where film will be applied to remove scratches? If so what compound do you use and do you use wax underneath the film? What about cleaning? Is it like tint where you spray your solution (spider spit made by tint slime in my case) and squeegee it off? Just kinda confused although i had a lot to figure out when I first learned tint. Anyways thanks guys good to be back in the tint world.
  9. no way they did this and turned out good without shrinking, I remember this windshield was a pain in the ass for me
  10. Haha yessir great point, just gonna sit down and have a talk with the old man, I know he probably knows I can do it, but probably doesn’t see me making a living off of tint which I don’t know why, anyways we’ll see what he has to say.
  11. I appreciate it Roach, I just don’t understand why I should be going to college when anything can be learned with google and how my father went only to get a degree nothing realated to his business that he started from scratch, learning on his own. Even a few of my high school teachers (math and physics) said I would be more successful than half the people from my grade that went off to college. I’m not trying to be cocky but i graduated after taking AP classes with a 4.2 gpa so I am capable of learning haha.
  12. Afternoon everybody, checking in from the gym. College is not good so far. Literally feel like I’m back in high school. Really isn’t a good fit for me in my opinion. Too hard to explain, need to convince parents that I have no intent of returning after this first year. My buddy that helped me with my little tint business during the summer feels the same. He and I are exactly the same, love classic rock and setting ourselves apart from the general crowd of lazy teens. This is what we were wrapping up before being forced into college. It’s a 100sq ft deer stand. Anyways, any advice or insight would be great haha. I miss the tint life!
  13. Morning everybody, checking in from college at Clemson, still missing the film game🙁, college is going pretty good though.
  14. I always use platinum smart card but once it gets worn out is when it can leave those deep scratches, in the future I will just constantly keep it sanded