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  1. Hey everybody I’m selling my plotter and computer with TinTek 20/20 window film cutting software. Owned for around a year now. Great setup, just trying to downsize a bit. Plotter is like new. Computer is old and slow, but already has the software on it. Software works great, has about a month before next payment must be made. Asking 3600 or best offer,
  2. I’m using qdp as well guess I just need some practice to get it down, thanks
  3. Hey guys, been top loading for 3 years now, started to bottom load for cleaner and more professional installs. I played around with it a while ago. Something I noticed is that when handling the film without touching (cradling film) there tend to be a few small pinches in the film when dropping it in. On the other hand, if I grab the film in the top corners when dropping it, I can get pinch free install. For those that don’t touch the film, are pinches just a normal “thing” that comes with bottom loading? Thanks guys
  4. IPATinting


  5. This is mine, it was a little more than $160, but it was worth the money and labor.
  6. I believe I was having a similar problem a while ago. I was shrinking my film with a worn out silver smart card and it was scratching deep on the release liner leaving scratch imprints in the glue. This could be what you are seeing. Just my two cents
  7. I’ve heard that in situations like this, the best way to remove the coating is to install the film, let it dry, remove it, and reinstall a new film. The first installation and then removal should help remove the coating.
  8. I always use platinum smart card but once it gets worn out is when it can leave those deep scratches, in the future I will just constantly keep it sanded
  9. That’s how I learned until I went with the card, honestly like the card better but I’m just gonna keep em nice n sharp so I don’t have this dilemma haha
  10. Yes when shrinking a windshield or back glass with a worn out card, it leaves deep scratches on release liner and sometimes they are imprinted in the adhesive but I’ll just make sure to keep the card sanded down😁
  11. I will next time it happens but global qdp. These are scratches being carried through release liner and leaving lines in adhesive. The scratches aren’t going through release, but are imprinting.
  12. Quick question all. Every now and then when my hard card gets worn out and leaves deeper scratches than normal on release liner, I peel the liner before install and can see scratches imprinted in the adhesive. Will these go away? I’ve never had a car come back so I assume that every now and then when it happens it just goes away? Thanks guys
  13. Can one still lay film on thick defrosters while they’re turned on, like the chargers and challengers without sanding?
  14. Giving it another shot next week, just ready to enjoy the weekend haha.