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  2. If you're not a dealer who buys large quantities of full rolls. You will have a hard time finding someone who will sell it to you at cost or near it. Also most people don't want to sell their own stock as they need it themselves and don't want to be left with left over scrap. XPEL is expensive but the quality of the film and ease of installation speaks for itself. Everyone will have a mark up.
  3. Yes we had a much lower price too as it was basically a test run. Dealership refused to do it (they said they werent experienced enough) and only 1 other shop did it with seams everywhere. It came out pretty good when we finished it but I know where I could do better but definitely charging equivalent to a Gwagon. Your first Supra is almost a guaranteed loss. That bumper truly is a nightmare. I am glad you got the middle area without that U shape cut out in the precut. *Especially going from gloss to matte* Ok back on this 488 Pista. Another hard one somewhat.
  4. The sensors I didn't cut out. I used Probond and wiggled that stuff on. Then cut out just the mini circle
  5. Ah I think you text messaged me about this. Looks like it went well. It definitely is a pain in the ass of a car to do. Did you put the seams where I did in the vents at the side?. Your first one you definitely learn all the mistakes where you can do things a bit different. It's all imagination. I am sorry I couldn't help much I am so overloaded with work right now. I don't even have time to remember to eat and it's Winter here. I am wrapping a full 488 Pista right now
  6. I'vee had 0 issues removing ppf from matte paint including 3 years old film on a lamborghini
  7. I had people ask me to ppf expensive tables and counters. Even elevators. Haven't followed through with 1 yet
  8. Will never happen. I am not even phased. No car manufacturer will give it as base. Why? 1. They increase the value of their vehicle in their target market, if competitors don't then they will be at a major disadvantage. Not cost effective. 2. All striping / decals are currently installed AT the dealership. 3. They will be taking money away from dealerships who offer it as an aftermarket accessory from the F&I side. 4. I hate doing dealer work, they want it for dirt cheap but the highest quality in the shortest time. 5. If factory starts installing, my market will only increase and my prices will too because now they will want it like factory *BY HAND* So to replicate instead of now charging $6500 for full car I will bump it up to $8000. Only person that loses is the one that focuses on only dealers and uses strictly precut kits. 6. How will a dealership replicate that install if most of dealership installers slap on precut partial hood and fenders all day? They will call an outside installer and that's when we make them bend over.
  9. Lol click on the picture it will enlarge and you can zoom in. @JoshVette Thanks bro, it was a tough cookie.
  10. By hand, solo installing. 0 precuts, tucking all edges. Easy car 28 - 30 hours. Difficult car 36 hours. Gwagon 50 - 60 hours.
  11. LOL bumper from another planet. Soon it starts ahhahah I will post progress pics