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windows media player sucks outright


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I've been using the new napster to get songs and it reconfigures the media player to corrupt songs I've burned from CD, it's really p1ss1ng me off. I tried to uninstall the POS but now my firefox browser keeps crashing and all my mp3's are corrupted.

Suck my wang Gates.

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I completely unistalled exploder, I don't even remeber doing it, it is gone like a mug.

I have so many prophalactics running it's not even funny, but I had a few hundred dollars worth of downloads from the new napster running, but WMP tries to rat me out (zone alarm tells me so) so I uninstalled the thing and now everything is focked. :dunno

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yeah it does, the only things that play now are songs I got from the old file swapping programs, and half of those take a dump half way thru.

I'm considering going over to the darkside (redhat) and getting all this windows bullcrap off my PC completely.

Another thing to watch out for is a nastly little program caled CDilla, it's a rat fink little program that reports all of your mojo to the NWO, I can't get rid of it :dunno

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my pc is completely focked now, just because I tried to unsital windows media player.

Actually in "my control panel" the only option was to "roll he version back", no unistall at all. Now I can't do a damn thing. I can't listen to music, I can't have more that one "window" open at a time, and I certianly can't reinstall my OS, way too much stuff going on.

I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore.

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