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Masking tape not sticking to felt HELP

Guest chip01

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Is the felt damp? You need to mask it before you start to clean anything. If its not damp, maybe you just have cheap tape. We use clear packaging tape, with strong sticky adhesive. We get it from costco or office depot.

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Man I stopped masking and I'm just using sprayway on'em and squeeging it down hard!!

Like with a black rubber or conquerer,Watch the suckas come out and the foam cleaner

collects them..Oh and I wipe w/damp shop towel before all that then last flush down w/the

pump sprayer!!

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I use tape and I love it, call me tapeluvr. sometimes I get one the tape wont stick to worth a shvit then I use hairspray.

some guys on here use nothing though from what I hear. WURD to their muthas.

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