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tintintg laws to be stricter to reduce "road rage"


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Call for campaign to reduce road rage

By Nassim Khadem

April 21, 2005

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A parliamentary committee investigating road rage has recommended a public education campaign to change driver attitudes and the establishment of a victims' hotline.

The state Dr*gs and Crime Prevention Committee yesterday released its final report on the prevalence, cost and impact of road violence, commonly referred to as "road rage". The committee made 69 recommendations on how to curb the problem.

Tens of thousands of Victorians were involved in road-rage incidents annually, the committee found.

Based on Victoria Police data gathered since July 2000, young men were most likely to commit road-rage offences. Of the 1500 cases recorded in the past four years, the average age of male perpetrator was 32.

Groups including the State Government, Victoria Police, VicRoads, and the Transport Accident Commission have been asked to consider recommendations such as better road signs, reducing congestion in car parks, reviewing sentencing guidelines for crimes associated with road violence and requiring criminals with a history of road violence to take anger management classes.


Good drivers could be rewarded with registration discounts, and tax incentives are suggested for companies that require employees to attend anger management programs.

VicRoads was also asked to review window tinting standards to allow drivers to see other drivers more clearly and improve communication.

The report found that less than 10 per cent of road-rage cases were reported to police. Based on reported cases, the number of road-violence incidents remained stable at between 50 and 90 a month in the past two years.

The Government and other parties have six months to respond to the report.

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I would prefer they make it so you can have them darker, so you can't be seen when you flip someone off for cutting across 4 lanes to get to their exit directly in front of you. :dunno

It is usually the gesture after the incident that starts the rage. :dunno

I've got to where I just point at them and yell (to myself),

Bird! Bird! Bird! Jacka$%$! :lol

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I Agree wholeheartedly! The Government, Lobbiests and other

orginizations are out to impose on our freedom!

That's why whenever you can intervene, I.e. voting or

expressing your opinion at a counsel meeting can mean the difference.... Sometimes!

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Voting used to work, not anymore



They own the voting machines, they tally the votes and come up with whatever result they want. not only that but the candidates we are allowed to vote for are hand picked.

It's rigged...the whole process is rigged. We don't have a say anymore. The jig is up. Welcome to the new world order.

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No matter what country, no matter what type of government, even the best democracy has a limited time of "being for the people", an expiration date. It's in the human nature and in the nature of governing systems. I doubt that after one generation there are more than 5 % of politicians driving to work in the morning thinking: "what can I do for the people today?" Why? Well, ask yourself how does one get to the top? I think, (I know it is not realistic), the No1 qualification for being a countrie's leader is having no desire to be.

As always just my opinion.

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Guest metint
Based on Victoria Police data gathered since July 2000, young men were most likely to commit road-rage offences. Of the 1500 cases recorded in the past four years, the average age of male perpetrator was 32.

Victoria :idea Canada I presume.

Road rage on Victoria Island... :dunno Let me see... :lol2 Just how far can you drive and not get away from or catch up to someone on an island.

I say instead of taking away the tint... take away their testosterone. :idea The their road rage will amount to this :gay :idea:lol:idea

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Guest tint rookie

missing the point we are. the gvmt is now telling us we cant have emotions. now I know you're saying we just cant act on the emotion and break the hip of the geriatric blue haired two lane driver. but, if the government is trying to control the variables that make people mad....see where im going.

wanna stop road raging.... to some extent, make it legal.

do you think the jack arse is gonna drive like an idiot would still be carving through traffic, cutting people if he knew someone was gonna legally be able to punch em in the head on the spot.

would the old farts be still clenching their keys if they thought a boot would be aiming for their favorite liver spot.

would women be doing their hair, make up, nails , shaving their legs etc. if that butane curling iron could end up somewhere the sun don't shine.

how many people would be still be putting stupid bumper stickers on their cars if they actually had to throw down over their belief of jesus not being a fish.

lets take this a step further into the wacked mind of tint rookie.

gun control. areas where everyone owns a gun have lower crime rates. not because people don't want to rob, steal, $%#%, etc? no, criminal minds, in areas where the chances of being shot on the spot because everyone owns a gun are increased, are detered by fear. the crime better be well worth it if you could get led poisoning over it.

the instinct of greed and lust are present in all humans. can you contol the fact that some people have nicer stuff? can you tell the hot blonde with the rack to wear more fabric, ( not that we would want her to). no it would be just unconstitutional.

my point is,most people don't act on the urge. why. because there are consequences for the actions,not the stimulus that provoked them.

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