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Guest thetintshop

:lol typed up a whole long post, and it wouldn't let me post it. kept me wanting me to sign in. ended up losing the whole thing. guess god didn't want me saying the things I had to say. :lol

so I will say this--many props go out to guest, who, bless his heart, chose to endure my constant biatching, cursing, and complaining. :lol

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Guest thetintshop

ok, I can't stand it---I have to say it.

I actually saw a guy get a 50" plasma tv for producing the best "sub par" tint job out of a group of mostly underqualified tinters.

this industry is becoming a total joke. and I witnessed it at the top level this week.

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Guest thetintshop
yep guest is tops....a great friend.  :DD  really bums me out that I didn't get to go and see him and everyone else.  :lol


yeah guest is a cool guy. we and the old ladys had a blast at one of the film parties. (won't mention who, since I don't use their film. :lol2 ) the other film party was ok, but not as good as the other one. (and I won't mention them, since I don't use their film either. :DD )

got to meet metint too. :lol2 you guys that rag on metint need to meet him in person. :lol2

got to meet a couple of self proclaimed lurkers too. kinda sucks when you're talking to a person who knows all about you, and you know squat about them. :DD

I have a couple of pics, but I won't post them because they include members of this board. and I'm not posting another members pic without their permission. so until they get back, I'll just hold on to them. :40

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