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Johnson Window Film

Guest Spesh

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Hi all,

Can you please put up your opinions of this film, obviously if you have used it. I have never used it before but I am looking at using it. I want to know the pros and cons from a tinters perspective rather than a manufacturers perspective


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I've used it for over 9 years. Shrinks well, does not curl up, great price. They have had some problems with glue going "fuzzy", notably on back windows. It holds it color just as good as any other hybrid film. It does have a funky odor when you peel the liner. I used to use the PGC line, then switched to SP when it came out many moons ago.

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Guest Sprinter

redid a side window 2 weeks ago that I had installed sp on and the rest was turning purple only I could notice this, since the customer has lived with this car everyday, the car was done in early 2000. the film looked dark with a slight hint of blue no other informities were noticed.

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Guest Soultinter

I used to use thr GR line, shrunk OK but always got "squiggles" from dry shrinking,

you know, the one that pop out from nowhere in the middle of the film. I also just replaced a rear window that went bad(2 doors did not) within 2 yrs.

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Guest TJ the Tint Guy

if it helps.. I did a grand am about 5 years ago w/ silhouette line, then I blew the motor up and has been sitting in a field ever since. The film looks very close to what it did day 1. It is getting a little purple, but 99% of people wouldn't notice. The film is decent to shrink, there are better...but it is decent, especially if your looking for something more cost - effective :thumb

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Wndo and Sprinter couldn't have said it more accurately......it 's as if they took the words right out of the devil's mouth. (not a good place to be in I might add...... :lol )

I have only ever used JWF's SP 35% and found that it does hang in there very well but does colour change to a mauve. That's a certainty downunder in our climate. It would not be possible to match up from original but like the fellas have said, a customer probably wouldn't pick it without it being pointed out to him.

I have a car I tinted new for one of my work neighbours and it sits out in the elements with no shade protection hour after hour being bombarded every day with solar radiation. Nothing has happened to the film other than the mauving.

A mate of mine does heaps of dealer work with it, (SP 35% only) the hiccups might be lucky to be counted on one hand considering he has done thousands.

The price is great, the SP installs well, shrinks OK, great factory backup and is so far in front of his old Suncrap which he gets redos every week coming back that it's not funny. He cannot justify the much more expensive alternatives out there especially when backed up with BTU meters for less gain.

A little too reflective externally but a small niggle to put up with.



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