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Dot devil ? and removing tint

Guest naughtydog

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Guest naughtydog

1. Do any of you guys use dot devil available from filmhandler.com and if so, how does it work/what is it??

2. I am new to the tinting biz and today made a mess of a drop glass( thats a wind down window in the US), It was'nt till I wound the window up that I noticed that the film was a few millimeters to short. I ripped it off and started again. My question is this though. I had a devil of a job getting the window clean due to the remains of the adhesive. What is your favourite method of removing adhesive/tint. I notice that there is a solution available called "tint-off" - I dont know if it is available in the UK though?? Are there any other chemical alternatives available, I can't stretch to a steam machine right now.



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Guest powertints

Use your mounting solution and spray the window. If you don't already have one get a "widget" or a small holder that holds a 1" razor blade and scrape. The mounting solution provides more lubrication than dirt-off, however I always do a final clean with dirt-off before I mount the film. Someone also posted on using a UV light anf turning the lights off in the shop to detect any missed glue. Good luck

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Guest tintslut

dot devil and dot mate,,,, a mild acid ,,, removes a little bit O the matrix,

but not as much puttin the razor to it.... I second OT's input,

A WASTE OF $$$$$$

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Guest solar solutions

I use dot devil alot, it works pretty good if you use it right.I spray it on a white scrubby and scrub till you see the color black on the scrubby.

I also use tint off,and its a life saver, spray it on and wait a few minutes and scape it off with a new stainless steel razor.

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Guest thetintshop

I use dot devil, it works for what it's designed to do. it makes the film stick better, it doesn't make the film look better. it still looks like crap afterwards as if you had never used it. but it does make the film stick. I've used it on tons of cars and have never had one let loose.

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Guest thetintshop

I pour it in a spray bottle so that doesn't happen. cause that s**t will eat anything it touches, including your eyes. trust me, it hurts.

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