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Rain on the parade

Guest filmdit

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Guest filmdit

Install 2000 sq ft of exterior Kynar, seal edges with Dow 1199 only to have a ten-day relentless rain period begin at the end of the install day.

Result? Dow 1199 mixed with water having flowed all over the film surface and has now dried.

What approach would you take to bring this to resolution without incurring financial loss?

In other words, how to go about removing the smeared, cured, 1199 silicone sealant from the Kynar surface without damaging it?

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tough question Dave :thumb

I have had good luck removing urethane and aggressive mastic from film

with oops a product similar to goof-off with milder solvents

maybe Methanol or another mild solvent

definately needs testing on the bench

before trying on the film

good luck with that :thumb

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you forgot the buzzwords already :thumb

I dont think the infrared taser absorption klingon your momma words are going to work on this one.

Although I bet Dave has learned some new cusswords in contemplating this :thumb

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Guest vclimber

I don't see how it can be done without scratching the film. :thumb

The EPA fall-out from using the needed solvent would steer me into a strip and redo. It seems to be the least expensive way out, especially if your supplier cuts you a break on some more Kynar... :thumb

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