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Busy Portland shop wants you if?

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If you show up for work, can tint reasonably well, are honest and able to work with others. This opening could be for you! I pay my auto tinters as subcontractors allowing them to take home 35% off of the top of each sale after all cost/requirements of being a subcontractor like film and supplies. We keep four auto tinters busy and hire them helpers during the summer. In the off season if the retail shop is slow I usually have one of my long time contractors teach the tinting school we operate through our website www.autowindowtinting.com We also do a fair amount of paint protection year round but in the winter we push that part of the business more. With all the different services our business covers our crew makes great money year round! As an owner I am very easy to work for but I insist on no addicts or tweakers, alcoholics or multiple personalities.

Contact Stan or Alexia Foster

888 404 8468

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