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Huper Optik vs. V-Cool

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Just talked to a V-Cool rep and tried their film in 70%. They claim 55% heat rejection and 94% Infra-Red rejection from this almost clear film. I tried it on my front doors and it is actually very good. Not sure if it really reduces that much heat but I would say at least 45%. Will have to use a BTU meter to get accurate readings.

I haven't tried the Huper Optik film yet but I have heard it is very similar to V-Cool.

Has anyone used both films and tested them? What are your thoughts?

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Guest Rama

V-kool does reduce alot of heat, their figures are accurate from my experience. Haven't used it in a long time. TS uses Huper, I am sure he can answer your question on the differences.

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Guest metint

I heard of huper adhesive failure in arizona, anyone else?

vkool likes to use infrared reduction which can be very misleading. infrared if I remember from the iwfa test is only 53% of total solar to begin with.

55% total solar energy reduction doesn't mean it's all heat?

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Huper Optik Sech looks very similar to VK-70. Same technology but a little darker.

VK-70, 70% VLT, 55% TSR, 90% infrared

Sech, 58% VLT, 54% TSR, 82% infrared

Same adhesive system

If you take VK-70 and compare it to Elite Slate 30, you will have less BTU's from VK-70. Sold VK-70 just by doing the BTU meter.

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Guest tintslut

Luv the HUPER!!! Sech and Drei are comprised of noble metals, Stark is inert ceramic coating ( titanium nitrate to be specific) . How many premium

window films can be installed on auto and flat? Panorama? NO!

Vista? NO ! Sunscape? UH-NO! Take a BTU meter with me on sales calls,

helps to close the deal. NON - reflective appearance with high heat rejection, what could be better.

Arizona Is a big state, are we talking adhesive failure in Flagstaff or

Somewhere in Maricopa County? In all the time I tinted in phoenix, I wish

I could say I never had some film go bad,,, but I did have some redo's

REGARDLESS OF WHO MADE THE FILM. EVEN in a good film market ,

everyone in the Valley seemed to just want tint, gimme that dyed stuff.

Its cheap, and when it goes bad, I will get it replaced.

Look in the Back of the New TImes, you can still see tints advertised

for 69$ and up. 8)

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