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Tint On Tint

Guest andrew59usa

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Guest andrew59usa

I just had my new car tinted, and they messed up. Now they want to put tint over tint. Is this an acceptable procedure?




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Guest andrew59usa

You are correct, they put on a lighter shade then I ordered so they want to put on another layer. So what I was looking for is that this is not an accpeted pratice to put tint on tint (Cover Up) to make it darker. Thanks :please

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Guest REITZ20

Will it work? probably, but I would think the adhesive between the tints may not last as long as it would on glass.

Would a professional tinter do it? Absolutely not.

If the tinter did not properly convey the darkeness you were looking for; his/her fault. Tinters mistake, tinter needs to redo it. Correctly.

However if you came back 2 weeks later and told them you want to change it, it would be at tinters discretion. :please

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