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Could we start a bit of a terminology topic for newbies to look at and even look back at.

little things like "frankie" , "vlt" and what not.

if you can list as much as you know - even if you put up things you have made up yourself, as long as you describe it.

The terminology/saying - followed by the meaning

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Guest thatsnappyguy

ghosting---haze produced in all metal films when shrank improperly....or sometimes enevitible anyway.

hack---price cutters that dont work for a company, and mostly suck at window tinting in general.

snap---"curling," "arching." "california shrink;" applying heat to the edge of the film to create and curvede egde on the film to grab the glass to prevent "fingers," darts."

visors are sometimes referd to as "eyebrows," which confuse ppl.


back glass---back glass

r/r--remove and redo.

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