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Church Graphic Needed


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I know. I'm getting the odd balls this week....lol. Yes it is Pentecostal. I've got the cross with flames, so maybe that'll work for him.

Thanks guys.


I figured it was..

I call 'em Holy Rollers, they're all about some hellfire and damnation....devil-smiley-029.gif

Nah, you are thinking about Presbyterians, Pentecostals don't even talk about hell, they are all about speaking in tongues, miracles and prosperity etc.


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It's my belief that the house of god is within you; in each and every one of us..

I thank god every day for the things I've been blessed with, so I guess you could say I go to church every day...

So on Sundays, I fish or spend time with the family.... :bingo

Man, I couldn't agree more! :beer

God told us that in the last days that all the churches would become apostate, and that Satan would set himself up and take his seat there and for the true believers to come out of her.




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