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PROs and CONs of the films you have used or using


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Try not to bash too much. Maybe suggestions for improvements mixed in with the bashing...

Flat Glass Films

JWF----- Pros: Offers second day shipping standard at decent rates

Nice selection of films

Pricing is below average

Pre-Cut program for those smaller jobs when a whole or partial roll is not needed.

Very nice Dealer website with online ordering

Nice customer brochures/Marketing materials

Cons: They always seem to run out of sample books and usually make you pay for them

Customer service not always the best but seems to be improving

Not local to me

Only offers up to 60" rolls

LLumar-------Pros: Good quality films with nice liner release

Nice assortment of deco films

Pricing average

Local distibutor to me

72" Rolls

Cons: Not too much of a selection of the standard solar films

Some of the films are pricey

sample books could be a little larger and more customer friendly

Geoshield:-------Pros: Nice selection of ceramic films at decent prices

Awesome Customer Service

Nice marketing materials and sample cards

Can order rolls in increments of 5 feet at a time and several widths available

Cons: Delivery can be expensive if you need it quickly

only up to 60" rolls

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Wait, are we talking about films AND distributors?

Madico---PROS: Long lasting, good amount of different film lines, maufacture backed warranty that works, made in USA, longest running name in window film industry, dealer meetings, not a lot of people use it in Houston.

CONS: Although warranty works claim-wise but it could be better, they need a better ceramic film, MAC 36"/48"/60" looks nothing like the 72", film is quite expensive, they need more films in the Madico standard line that act like the Sunscape line (b/c I can't get them).

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Global HP

Pros: shrinks nice, tacks up quickly, my distributor is AWESOME!

Cons: Lacks color match for factory colored glass, name not well-known around here

I find that the Global HP matches very nicely compared to factory glass! It is a bit more reflective, but the color is so spot on that it amazes me!

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