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what did you tint 2 day

Guest Total tint

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Guest Total tint
Malibu tint complete

Chevy van fronts

Tacoma fronts

Altima tint complete

Old dodge van replace windshield

New f150 excab tint complete

And a rangerover tint complete with windshield. Had a dr perscription and insurance waiver

at least somebody was busy 2day :thumb

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the f150 might be back for a redo though. after it was finished the lady calls back and she wanted it darker. older lady close to her 50's says she didnt want people to see in the rear cuz she keeps computer stuff back there. we put 15% over her factory and I told her it would be limo. I had no idea she wanted to hide things though, and didnt want this old lady driving around with limo over factory. told her to see how it looks at night, and if she still really wants it darker ill retint the rear section no charge.

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