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BAck in the Saddle


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Did my first install after being off a month or so due to cancer/surgery. Kinda had to force myself to get in the mood to tint today. My mind and body werent workin in sync. It was a small 100sqft commercial white frost job. It took me a little longer to do than normal, but it felt good knocking it out after being off for so long. My recovery wasnt easy. Surgery....lots of pain... discharged from hospital next day (too soon I think). Feeling like a cripple for the next 5 days....started feeling like I was out of the woods by the 10th day then I got this stomach flu that made me nauseous and vomit for 5 days straight and unable to hold anything down (Lost 10lbs) ended up getting admitted back to the hospital for two days (HELL)...another 5 days of getting my strength and appetite back. Today I almost feel like my old self with a little help from the oxycodone I just took for the little bit of pain tinting brought back today...lol

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