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Curling all week long

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WTF. Sunday we did a interior office deco job, The film curled back on itself and then off the glass so much that it added about 2 hours of pure grief to the job. Today we hang 1k SF of Silver 15 and guess what .... more curl. Took 2x longer than it should have. Different manny,same grief. Fu**ed with the silver all day so I could get the GC'S sign off. I hope it stays on the glass tonight and I dont get a call back in the am......I need a beer!

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The deco film was 36w and 80h when we pulled the liner it curled back on itself from the edges almost half way up. Major pita. The silver curled fom all 4 corners on the glass. Also a major pita

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Guest Darknesswithin

I wonder if it was old stock? how long did you have it? fresh order for this job.... sorry for the Q's ,, I had some SunTek Bronze 35 do that to me and I found out it was a return then shipped out to me by mistake when I ordered a 48 in roll , (I got a 60 instead)

the film was only a few months old, I think the storage time hurt the film,, climate related. :evilgrin

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The funny thing is that this is a 3k sf job. After the curl issue I changed the manny.I will have a apples to apples test pilot for film quality. Same size windows, same exposure, same eveything. It will be intresting to see wich holds up best

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