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Tint Wife

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I'm posting this in the 50 as there are a few people that I know lurk here and I would rather that they had to come in and have a look if they want to satisfy their curiosity.

It has taken me a while but I finally got some pics together to show you all the new shop. It still isn't finished (I don't think it ever really is when it's yours), but it's functional... the trimmings are going in slowly.

This was a total fit out..... we had to start from scratch. The best thing about that was getting to organise it just the way I wanted it. The back mezzanine level is the office / vinyl cutting room and it has a small kitchen and lunchroom / employee lounge. At the front near the roller door we have a reception / customer waiting room. Above that film storage and cutting room.


Painting...... I don't want to touch another paintbrush for a long while.



The workshop...... 35 double fluorescent wall and ceiling lights.....Bliss!!( as long as I don't think about the electricians bill :D ) Floors still need to be done.


So what do you think?

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