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What's up at Valuetint?


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Have they changed hands? I have placed a couple of orders and the guy on the phone "Kevin" seems like a douche. They sent me some 20% and when I pulled it out of the box it was 35%. Told them to check there inventory and got a chuckle and a "OK". They may be fixin' to lose a customer.

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Sounds like a honest mistake but the chuckle would pizz me off too.

I use value tint a lot and have not had any mistakes yet. Sorry to hear it happened to you

I do agree it sucks talking to some new people over their on the phone. I will only order from Mark or Jedd just because that's what I am used too and I don't like change. lol

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I find this post interesting because we are in the process of training one of our warehouse crew members to start taking calls.

His name is Kennedy and he has been with us for 3 years. I am personally involved in his training and I review every transaction he is involved with. The training process lasts 2 years at EWF, meaning that you have to be with the company for 5 years until we will let you service customers without immediate supervision. Pasquale has been with me for 18 years and Andrew for 12 years. Our west coast crew has an average of 11 years with the company. Sergio has been with us for 15+ years and worked in the industry prior to working with us. Derek has been with us for 10+ years.

If you call our order line (800)FILM-NOW and Kennedy takes your call, know that Pasquale, Andrew or I am right over his shoulder watching how he is handling you. He is trained to ask for assistance with any unusual circumstance. So if you do get him, please offer a friendly "hello" and let him know you are a "Tintduder"!!

I know what you mean by "new voices on the phone". I have been flying my airplane thru the New York Terminal Radar Control Area (TRACON) for 3+ years now and I am pretty familiar with the voices of most of the Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) working the frequencies. Whenever I hear a new voice, it does get my attention but I know there is a supervisor standing over his shoulder and listening in so everything is cool.


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