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Skylights from Hell again

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Okay so this job is mine...no bidding due to working with the contractor who I work with from time to time. Basically 20 windows throughout the 30,000 sqft house in various locations and 42 or so arched plexiglass skylights. These skylights are in the entry which has live 17 ft trees in it. So it's a huge atrium entry. About 30 feet to the top of these SOBs. The contractor said he would set up scaffolding so no trouble there. Although the thought of being up that high working over my head scares me a bit. Money is not an object and could charge Em well over 7-8 grand. An exterior application would be much easier and faster in my opinion. But need to find out if hanita Teks plexi film is able to be installed on the exterior. The other windows in the house 300 or so sqft, is a done deal with ceramic film...Cha Ching! But wanna clean up with these sky lights as well. Btw they have a moat that goes around most of the house.. The aerial pic is before the renovations were completed.







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