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Congrats to Ty Sullivan at SPF!!!!

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Tint Dude member Ty Sullivan came in 3rd in the architectural division of the tint off this year. Congrats bro!

For those of you who dont know him, this guy knows his stuff, and from my limited meetings with him, he is a stand up guy. Him and Ronnie run SPF Window Tinting out of Hattiesburg, Miss. Hope you guys triple your business from this.

BTW, Ric, I think my medal needs to be removed from my signature. I am no longer number 3.

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Guest spfwindowtinting

Thank you guys for this post!

My 3rd place came from some skill with a huge side of luck. Most ever person in the Tint off is a very talented film installer. The application we had to do was very un-practical to the way most of us tint every day. Vertical splice, no cutting, trimming, or pulling rubber, no handler, THE FLOOR, are just a few of the variables. It was a great time and an honor to get placed amongst that group.

Meeting, seeing, and exchanging ideas and techniques was invalueable. I believe in sharing, helping, and making a positive change in the industry for the install world up.

I use to come to Tint Dude only when I had a problem with a car or a question about a tool. I then realized I was something that I myself hate. I was someone who took from a benefits of this system and did not contribute back to it. We all have an overwhelming amount of knowledge in this industry and we should share it with each other. Once I realized how I was using this site I vowed to help on here as much as I could. This site and the members have made me better, my business better, and in turn the industry better.

So thank you all for your help! I'll attach some photos of the install below.






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