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Baby Shampoo


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Hey guys.. how is the summer going....  i bet it's crazy busy for all..


So, we use baby shampoo for installs...



we use a 2gl bucket that forces water to the install bays... kind of cool set up.... down side is that my water smells like rotten eggs every morning.. sometimes longer...


it's retarded to deal with that.... any solutions?         

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yes.. floshing is important.. :) takes about an hour for a good flush...

long time ago i used Joy dish soap... never really had any problems...

is joy not good soap?

I had some problems with dry spots in the film with joy. Told my rep about it he switched me to baby shampoo, haven't had a problem since. Joy has a few extra detergents i believe.

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:yeah   too.  I slime.




oh yeah. 

Be sure to check any/all metal used in your water system - sulfer can contribute to corrosion from what I was reading. 






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