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gta5 ps3


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Not sure if anyone has been playing recently... I haven't, but I've heard from others about how they were going to add snow to the city. 


I played for the first time last nite with it - and it's just crazy!!! The game continues to amaze me. 


Tried flying at nite, in the snow.. and did terrible. Visibility was junk and very hard to fly in. Also was not nearly as turbulence free as flying in clear weather, which is cool that they take weather into consideration. 


I'm not sure how long it's supposed to remain in the game. It's cool and all, but does make some things more difficult to do. 


Anyway - even if you don't really play much anymore - give it a shot before its gone. :) 

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The snow is gone... I've read it's supposed to return NYE and NY day... Which evidently last year it was only around for 1 day.  I thought, based on nothing really, they were going to leave it from XME to NYD.. so a little over a week, but I guess not. 


While a pain in the butt to fly in, it was definitely pretty cool to drive in. :)


At one point there was a rumor that on day 2 the streets were going to be plowed... which would have been really neat. But that didn't happen.

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