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Hello, new here. I am looking to get into the window tinting business.

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Guest joshuap27

How's it going everyone? I know i can find a lot of the answer I'm looking for by just simply browsing this forum. I just registered to this site and went straight to "starting a new topic".


First off, I have no experience in window tinting. I have worked at an auto store for 3 years. I am 27 and came to a point in my life, like i'm sure many you have, where i realized i wanted to be my own boss, make my own money, do something i would enjoy and serve the community. I've had a lot of ideas running through my head and i figured starting a window tinting and glass repair shop would be "easiest" to start. I am currently taking Business Administration course at the local college and plan to earns one degrees in that field. I am very serious in what i want to start and accomplish as far as this business idea.


As i said i have no experience and i would say tint is tint. I know that's wrong. My questions for now are: What different type of tints are out there and where could i find this information to study and better understand what i would be potentially selling? What are the best products? 


I have all sorts of questions but i would end up writing an essay! Any other advice from your personal experience would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to reading this forum and your insights. Thanks!

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There are a lot of good brands out there. Most anything made in the USA will be good. Llumar, Madico, Johnson, Aegis etc. Express window films is a good option too, not made in the usa but its a very good film at a good price.

I have no auto glass experience but have helped my dad run his shop for a little over 6 years. I would say start with film on the cheaper side as you will more than likely waste a lot of film redoing windows are you learn. Stan Foster offers a training dvd set. I havent personally purchased then, but i have seen his youtube videos and he seems very knowledgeable, and people on this forum say his dvds are very good for even experienced tinters to learn from.

I believe Stan also offers a training coarse at his facility.

While tint is a relatively cheap as far as start up cost, it does take a good amount of time to become professional. Most i believe take between 1 to 2 years to be "good" at tinting, and 3+ years to be considered very good. Again this depends on you, some people just are born with tint skills.

I would say practice practice practice, and dont give up if your serious about it. Good luck! Dont be afraid to ask question! I would say search first then ask if you dont see a clear answer! Good luck and welcome!

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You will need at least 2-3 years under your belt of installations before you should consider going into business yourself.  In that time, you can dabble into other things like PPF and vinyl, and maybe even vinyl wraps.


Or, you could say the hell with auto tinting and learn flat glass installations.  Much shorter learning curve, lots more money, and far less overhead, as you can run it from your house.  Being in Cali, you can't go wrong doing flat glass.  All those greenies that live there want window tinting.

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