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Wrapping a boat

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Hi Tintdude,

              I'm not a professional in this area, but I found your website and wanted to know your thoughts.  Thanks for putting up with me.

              I have a boat that looks just like this:


              I want to wrap the upper part of the side in a solid-color vinyl, leaving the bottom part it's natural color.  The width (top -> bottom) of that area is about 9 inches all around, and the boat is 26 foot long on both sides, so I am thinking about 54-58 feet of a vinyl roll will do it.  
              My concern is: how wide should my vinyl roll be?  I was thinking that if I go 10-inch wide roll, I would be able to make it all around the boat.  But then I saw people wrapping boats on youtube, and I was thinking that I might need something a bit wider (14 inches? 24 inches?) to accommodate the upward curve from the back to the front of the boat.  What are your thoughts?






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Mostly getting pounded by the trailer rollers at each loading and unloading thats all

:yeah   Other than that it usually does pretty good.  We've got a few customers with fully wrapped boats and it seems to survive just fine.  

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