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Extremely happy with Avery Vinyl!!!

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So to start out... a few weeks ago my car was dirty and I had a lapse in good judgement due to being exhausted and i lightly used the brush to clean the vinyl and when I say literally every panel had small scratches I mean it... I cleaned and checked the soft brush they had but it still scratched the hell out of the vinyl! I knew that it should never be used and up until then I used a microfiber wash mitt with no issues but I was being lazy.

Well needless to say I went straight home and heated every inch to 180-190 and every light scratch that was there disappeared... I honestly couldn't believe it!

Also I couldn't get one straight answer from anyone online about how to properly protect Avery vinyl against mag chloride and other harmful winter contaminants from daily driving so I left the vinyl alone and drove the car.

It was 24 degrees today and it's my day off so I headed to the car wash to see what kind of damage that 4 days of caked up salt, mag chloride and dirt would do. I only used my microfiber wash mitt and the spray gun with soap, rinse, spot free rinse all while constantly cleaning the mitt.

There is no defects or staining of the Vinyl and even though I couldn't feel my fingers I am extremely impressed!!!

I am extremely happy with Avery vinyl and glad I went with them especially for Colorado daily driving!post-39623-0-28445600-1448837463_thumb.j







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Most vinyls clean up nicely, some can be a real pain e.g Matte White, Matte Black, textured films. The Satin range is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact it has a slight coating over the top, which protects it and provides better upkeep.


Definitely don't leave it alone, make sure you grab a bottle of Croftgate, Shinning Monkey 360 Detailer or whatever you want (spray detailer/wax). Protecting the vinyl is a must just like waxing paint. It will prolong the life, protect it and make it even easier to clean. We have a car coming in for a removal shortly where the owner never placed any product on the wrap, the horizontal surfaces have aged badly and its only been on 2.5 years.


Good job cleaning though, looks like it would have been a hell of a job! :thumb

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